How to get to Humlebäck

This retreatcenter Humlebäck kurs & konferens is located near beautiful lake Visten in Värmland, Sweden.
Humlebäcks kursgård is located in the village Humletorp in Östra Ämteviks socken, 5 miles north of Karlstad.

The address is:
Sund 24
686 98 Östra Ämtervik


There are several Humlebäck in Värmland so please check the directions carefully down below before putting it in your GPS.

Plan your trip

Make sure to plan your travel so you will be on time for the retreat, it is much longer travel than you think. For example Stockholm-Humlebäck is a 5 hour drive with a little break.

Road directions

( Directions in Swedish )

By car from Karlstad
Go to Kil, follow the signs to Östra Ämtervik. About 20 minutes after Kil you will see the sign Bössviken and Humletorps camping then you turn right. Now you drive 7 kilometer on a beautiful bridle(dirt) road. You will pass through Humletorps camping and after 500 meter you will see a sign which says Kursgård. Please park according to the instructions on the sign.

By car from Sunne
Drive past Selma Lagerlöfs Mårbacka, after the village Södra Ås you will approach a t-junction, turn to the left towards Olsäter. After a couple of kilometers you will see a sign that says Bössviken and Humletorps camping then you turn to the right. Now you got a beautiful bridle(dirt) road a head and after about 7 kilometer you will have a beautiful view of lake Visten. Drive until you see the sign Kursgård and please park according to the instructions on the sing.

By train

If you travel by train the nearest station is Kil. The retreatcenters staff can often pick you up by the station. Cost for being picked up/dropped off is 200 SEK and is paid directly to the driver. To arrange transport from Kil, please email In subject, please write the name of the course or retreat, and day and time when the train arrives.


Feel free to coordinate your trip to Humlebäck with others. You can do it on Facebook in the group Humlebäcks vänner (friends), a communication site for everyone who attends courses at Humlebäck. You need to apply for membership in that group, write the name of the course or reatreat you are to participate in.


Enter which city you are traveling from and if you can offer space by car, need space by car or need pickup at train station in Kil.